Reunion Island – Halal guide for Muslims travelers


Reunion Island has a population of just over 800 000 people is a multicultural society with people from a variety of religions. The predominant religion is Roman Catholic Christianity.  Hinduism, Islam, Buddhism and Judaism are also practiced on the island.

Both Sunni and Shi’ite Islam are followed on Reunion Island, although the majority are Sunni followers. The first wave of Muslims arrived on the island from India around 1850. At the end of the 19th century and early 20th century more Muslim traders from western India (Gujarat) arrived to settle on Reunion Island.  Today there are Muslims who are originally from India, Pakistan and Comoros settled and fully integrated into Reunion Island society.

Mosques are present in 12 communes (towns) on Reunion Island. Noor-e-Islam is the oldest mosque in France. It was the first mosque to be inaugurated on French territory on 28 November 1905 in St. Denis, Reunion Island.

Noor e Islam St Denis mosque Reunion

St. Denis also has the Al Madina mosque. There is also the more decorative Atyaboul mosque in St Pierre,  the Usmania masjid and the relatively new Tunisian decorated