Cheated by MTN South Africa


I purchased a Nokia Lumia 620 in March 2013 for R4000 from MTN Killarney but the loud speaker started malfunctioning in June 2013 (at high volume the sound was muffled) and the buttons started malfunctioning in October 2013 – first the power button would not work, then the decrease volume and then the increase volume button stopped working. I could only switch on the phone by holding the camera button if it was on standby. If the phone was powered off the only way to switch on the phone would be by plugging it into a power source.

 I wanted to hand in my phone for repairs but I needed the phone for the Nokia Maps application which is far superior to any other mapping application I’ve used – offline walking maps are really useful while I am travelling; and I was travelling.

When I was on my travels to Europe in October 2013 I dropped the phone and cracked the top right of the screen a little. The crack did not seem too significant except for the fact that the touch screen does not work at the very top of the screen and the display does not work in moist / damp environments.


I submitted my phone for repairs on 24 February 2014 to the MTN Killarney Mall store and the store received my phone for my collection on 19 March 2013. Status of the phone – not fixed!


They said that because I had that little crack on the screen the warranty was void.

I explained that the buttons stopped working before the screen problem but they said the warranty is still void.

One of the options I had was to just throw the R4000 phone away. I wouldn’t accept this. They said that they could resend it for repairs but I’d have to pay to fix the screen. I said I don’t mind getting  quote for fixing the little screen crack but that problem is not related to the non-functioning buttons. Fix the buttons and we’ll talk about the screen repairs.

I’m hoping it’s not going to be another 4 weeks for any inaction from MTN South Africa.

I cancelled my contract with MTN South Africa after almost 10 years as a loyal customer in early 2013 for billing issues, bad service and high call costs – and moved to Cell C. Let’s see if MTN South Africa are willing to make things right…

UPDATE 7 April 2014 – I just received an SMS from MTN with a quotation to fix the phone. R950.75 – I’ve agreed. It’s either that or throw the phone away. The buttons are a manufacturing fault but MTN won’t repair it as they say a little crack on the screen takes the phone out of warranty. Beware of there terms when you purchase a phone from them!

UPDATE 17 April 2014 – MTN SA is useless! I just returned from the MTN store to collect my phone which returned from the repair center. Status: Not Fixed!

They said that they never receive the 3 confirmations I sent them to fix the phone (on 7 April at 12:29pm, 8 April at 11:13am and 8 April at 11:14am) as well as the confirmation that the MTN store sent them to fix it. The consultant on the line from the repair center refused to escalate the issue or let me speak to anyone senior in the company. If I have a complaint I can email – Seriously, that’s the only thing I can do. No loan phone, no priority after 2 months of messing around with me. Options for me are to book it in again or take it to one of the repair centres in Johannesburg. I found another option – the Cell Repair shop in Killarney Mall took in my phone. They will fix it by next Tuesday, at a cheaper cost! 2 Months wasted with MTN! 
Travelers to South Africa, keep away from this network!
Zaid is an intrepid traveler from South Africa that has traveled to all 7 continents. He loves to explore new destinations, experience new activities and go off the beaten path.

8 thoughts on “Cheated by MTN South Africa

  1. MTN SA got most shocking service, I took Blackberry 9720 end of may 2014 with 1 year warranty no insurance.the phone is not charging there is no physical damage so sent th phone for repairs on the 29th sept 2014 they sent it back with no report took me 2weeks to get a report saying the phone is beyond repairs, asked them to explain to me th problem they say its sumthng on th motherboard tht connects to the charging slot tht is faulty.asked them what could have caused such damage they say maybe I misused the charger like seriously who doesn’t know how to insert a charger. why would a charger cause a “beyond repairs” problem. they said that’s nt their problem as they are not with me 24/7. I must pay for repairs and continue with my instalments of 20 months. response I got from high volume repairs n call centre supervisor Serah Naidoo on 13 0ctober 2014.

  2. Apparently its a manufacture fault because four other people with this BB 9720 are also having the same problem of not charging.

  3. I took my phone in for repairs,they sent me a mediocre sms I replied yes 3weeks later I called them they told me I had not replied and I was gonna pay r386,00 for what?…….so ended up sending them a sms proving that I had replied to their stupid sms,it took another 2months for them to track my phone down,then they have a nerve to strike

  4. I took my Samsung Note 4 phone to MTN Brooklyn Mall because it could not detect the memory card and I was told to take it to a Samsung shop within the mall which I did (30 October 2015). A week later I got an email that the phone has been fixed and I discovered that they broke other things when they were attempting to fix it since the sensors had stopped working. I took it back to MTN Brooklyn and I was again advised to take it back to that very Samsung repair shop.
    I recently got the phone back and it only worked for 2 days. I have now resolved to take it where I bought it (MTN Sandton City) and I am told I will only get it back in 2016. I am still paying my monthly installments on time yet I am not in possession of the phone.
    I would appreciate a quick response from MTN South Africa.

  5. i brought my phone in September. I have not received until today. they are telling me different stories. they dont care .they say they can’t find it.its over 2 months .they refused to loan me a phone .they say they dont have documents that indicate that my phone was taken by their staff from the shop to their repair centre. I have lost opportunities as i depend on it for availability. where do i forward my do i find help. this is unfair

  6. fortunately I have documents supporting that i brought my phone to the store. And the gentleman who assisted me has the documents indicating that the phone was actually picked by their staff from the shop to their repair centre.

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