Nationalise the Minds – a short film for the 48hr film project


For the second consecutive year, I decided to form a team and shoot a short film as part of the 48 Hour Film Project competition in Johannesburg, South Africa.

The competition is lots of fun. Whether you are an amateur or professional, you can enter into the competition that requires you to script, cast, film, edit and submit a 4 – 7 minute film within 48 hours. This film gets 4 screenings at a local cinema.

For the 2013 completion, the genre that I was randomly given was “Comedy”.

The film had to include the following elements:

Character:   – Either “Themba” or “Nothemba Skosana”, a Photographer
Prop:   a wooden spoon
Line of dialogue:  “I think I’ve got it”

+-70 Teams registered for the 2013 competition. We only find out the genre and elements at the start of the 48hour session, so it is not possible to prepare the film in advance of the competition.

Although we did not win in any of the categories, we still enjoyed the movie and plan to enter again in 2014.

Here’s the “Directors Cut” of Nationalise the Minds:


Zaid is an intrepid traveler from South Africa that has traveled to all 7 continents. He loves to explore new destinations, experience new activities and go off the beaten path.

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