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Sleeping on planes is easier said than done for many passengers, including myself who generally flies in economy class. Some fortunate people can naturally fall off to sleep in the regular seated position.

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Some do so in awkward but acceptable positions.

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A number of accessories are available to assist travelers. The u-shaped cushion is quite popular, although some suggest you try using it upside down for a more comfortable fit. I like to travel light and consider that pillow to be a bit bulky.

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The Travelmate (R) Memory Foam Neck Pillow is a solution we’re quite familiar with.

Travelrest – The Ultimate Travel Pillow looks a little odd, but it also seems to be another favorite:

Skyrest has an inflatable travel pillow for people preferring to sleep leaning forward. This solution works for some, particularly if you’re used to sleeping on your stomach. However, it may limit how far the person in front of you can retract their seat.

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I’m not really a fan of inflatable solutions.

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I recently sampled the Sleeper Mask.

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It’s a super-sized eye mask made with a comfortable fabric, and a longer cable that you attach to your seat.

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I found it to be a simple, lightweight and effective design that holds your head in place as you try to sleep in a seated position.

sleeper mask in plane zaid

I tried it on a domestic flight without seat-back entertainment screens. I’m not sure whether the cable may cover the seat-back screen of the passenger behind you. Even if it does, there’s a simple remedy for that person to do: just shift the cable an inch or 2 higher and all is well.

When I tested the Sleeper Mask I received no awkward stares because it’s not awkward. It’s small, inconspicuous and simply an evolution of the eye mask that we’re used to seeing on all flights.

If you’re keen to support the Sleeper Mask, check out their campaign on IndieGogo now.

You can also follow @sleepermask on Twitter.

Zaid is an intrepid traveler from South Africa that has traveled to all 7 continents. He loves to explore new destinations, experience new activities and go off the beaten path.

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