Rock Climbing at Chosspile, Hartbeespoort


I spent a fine Sunday sport-climbing at Chosspile near Hartbeespoort in the North West province with the Mountain Club South Africa – Johannesburg section.

crag chosspile

It is less than one hours’ drive from central Johannesburg. The crags are on private property owned by Rissik estates and rented by the Mt. Amanzi resort. There are strict access rules to the site.

chosspile climbing info

Climbers must be a member or guest of a member of MCSA or a university climbing club before they can access the site via Mt. Amanzi. Members pay a R30 entrance fee. Guests of members pay R50.

mt amanzi reception

Access to the crags is via a steep walk-in through the forest.

chosspile walk in to crag

There are a number of climbing routes to suit all levels.

Climbers will have a great view of the Hartbeespoort Dam from the crags.

zaid chosspile

The Mt Amanzi resort also looks great from the crags.

mt amanzi chosspile

This seems to be a very popular site as I saw many climbers coming and going throughout the day.

crag lookdown chosspile climb

If you finish climbing early in the afternoon you can check out the Harties Aerial Cableway which is a few minutes away by car, or have lunch in one of the many restaurants surrounding Hartbeespoort Dam.

For further information on Chosspile check out the Climb ZA wiki and MCSA Johannesburg guide.

Zaid is an intrepid traveler from South Africa that has traveled to all 7 continents. He loves to explore new destinations, experience new activities and go off the beaten path.

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