Cheap Flights and Accommodation


Here’s some tips on finding cheap flights and accommodation:


Best flight search engines:,,

If you see a good flight, book it! Don’t wait – prices tend to go up unless there is a last minute special.

If you are really flexible and would like to find the cheapest flight departing over a 30 day period, for a custom length  (+- 9 days), use . You can’t book through this site, but it gives you n indication of the best fares available (which you can then book on kayak, expedia, etc).


For accommodation, never use a travel agent! – unless they have a combined flight/accomodation package tour which may be at a discounted rate.

Use,, and to find the best value hotels in a specific region.

Check the reviews on these hotel search sites, and cross-reference the reviews on Before you book, finally have a look at the rates on the hotels website – they may have a special that is not available to the hotel search sites. Then book, before the price goes up! Try booking with a hotel that offers free cancellation – this allows you much more flexibility to change plans prior / during a trip.

If you’re looking for something cheaper than hotels, where you get an opportunity to meet other travellers, book a hostel – you can book either a shared dorm or a private for reasonable rates. You will be surprised how good value / clean some hostels can be. I prefer to book on or – check the reviews on a hostel before booking. If hostelworld’s price is cheaper than hostelbookers, click this link to get a free gold card that allows you to save further with no service fees:

If you are looking at longer-term, cheap accommodation, consider using – for villa/apartment/home rentals.

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