Day 2 at TBEX Europe in Athens, and the closing party on Pandrossou street

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25 October 2014

Again, I was late for the 9:15am keynote address with “Mary Jo Manzanares and Paula Froelich.
Hey, I was on holiday – it is allowed!

At 1030am I attended my first session of the day: “Building a Better Blogging Business: Getting it done every single day” by Tammillee Tillison:

The next session was “Brand Partnerships: Before You Think Big, Think Medium” by Katie Hammel and Sara Robles.

This was a very informative session. Perhaps the most useful during TBEX Athens. It left me with a lot to think of before my Speed Networking session with a number of companies that afternoon.

I then headed for lunch. After lunch I quickly met with staff from G Adventures who told me how they work with travel bloggers.

speed networking tbex athens

I attended part of David Farley’s session on “Tips for Freelancers” before my Speed Networking appointments with Viator, Tripit and Toposophy.

It was a very beneficial experience participating in these Speed Networking sessions.

I caught up with fellow South Africa bloggers Dawn Jorgensen and Simon Lewis.

Plus I met Arnaud Wiehe, a South African V-logger who now lives in Amsterdam.

We all had to collect TBEX t-shirts to be worn for a group photo and for that night’s street party.

The closing session was with Rick Calvert and Robert Reid.

tbex athens conference closing

They announced where the next TBEX Europe will be held.

At that time I realised that if I attend TBEX Costa Brava in 2015, my conference calendar for 2015 may be quite full:

Robert Reid delivered a thought provoking talk.


The closing session then ended with a surprise announcement. There would also be a TBEX Asia conference in 2015.


We all assembled on the stage for a final group picture.

I left Megaron at 7pm as the farewell street party was to start soon.
I headed to City Circus Athens (my hostel) to rest until 8:15pm and then took a walk to the Pondorossa Street market, where the farewell ceremony would be held.

Pandrossou night market tbex athems

There were a number of participating shops, and interesting crafts being demonstrated.

Pandrossou takis store

This was an excellent way to end a travel conference.

I bumped into Dorothy Lefering (we follow each other on Instagram and Twitter) and we decided to have supper at a restaurant that served vegetarian food. Dorothy lives in Germany but is very clued up on South African politics. We had a great discussion.
After supper there were hardly any bloggers around so I headed back to City Circus Athens and was fast asleep by midnight.

Note: TBEX Europe 2016 will be held in Stockholm, Sweden from July 14-16, 2016.

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