Mykonos, Greece

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This was my second visit to Mykonos. I previously spent 2 memorable nights on this Greek island in 2011 with the Busabout Bandits. That was an awesome, memorable trip. I did not get a chance to go to the other side of the island where the resorts are located on this trip (I previously stayed at Paradise Beach Resort). Instead I hanged around town (Chora) and Little Venice, a nice place with shops and restaurants alongside the beach.  Mykonos offers photographers with post-card like pictures of blue and white homes, on narrow white pebbled streets, with a number of windmills and churches scattered throughout. Picture perfect! Tours are offered to the nearby ruins on Delos Island.


There are a few swimming spots near the port, but the best beaches are on the other side of the island (like Paradise Beach). There is also a little beach on the other side of the port (to the left when you exit the ships’, but it looked very empty).


It rained earlier in the day and I heard some folk who returned from town saying that the streets become streams, and it’s a little hard to navigate on foot if you are using an umbrella.

myknos streets

There are also a number of travel agents in Chora selling ferry and flying catamaran tickets to various Greek ports in case you want to book your own trips at your leisure.


Here’s a short video of sunset as we sailed out of Mykonos:

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  1. Craig Work
    - October 27, 2013
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    Excellent Review Master Zaid… I too was a busabout bandit once and enjoyed a memorable unforgettable trip to Mykonos with great crew! Just a little jealous of this one fella I happened to travel there with, who is back once more, enjoying the glorious sunshine…

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